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Taking a Shot at Allergy Relief
One treatment for people with allergies is injections of small amounts of the substances they're allergic to. This is called immunotherapy. Over time as the dose is increased, the patient becomes hyposensitized (less allergic) to the allergens because the body, for reasons not yet fully understood, becomes more tolerant to the offending substances. The symptoms, including sneezing and watery eyes--and the need for medication--are reduced or disappear.
Natural Allergy Relief
Beat pollen and pet dander with allergy-fighting herbs. The side effects of conventional drugs are pushing allergic rhinitis sufferers to alternative remedies.
Pfizer Announces Study Results Showing That Zyrtec(R) Provides Greater Symptom Relief Than Allegra(R) for Allergy Sufferers Exposed to Ragweed Pollen in an Environmental Exposure Unit
These results are consistent with the findings of a similar environmental exposure unit (EEU) study published earlier this year in Allergy and Asthma. Proceedings that showed 33 percent greater symptom relief for Zyrtec patients compared with Allegra patients at 21-24 hours after dosing.

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